Initializes ARToolkit framework and the web camera.  Should be called by EventBeginPlay before anything else.


  • Target [ARToolkitComponent]: The Unreal Engine/ARToolkit interface object.
  • Show PIN[boolean]:  Request that the WDM capture PIN (configuration sheet) be shown to the user when the video stream is opened. (Windows only)
  • Dev Num[int]: Open device n, rather than the default device.
  • DeviceOrientation[EDeviceOrientation]: Landscape (default) or Portrait. Set to portrait in ARToolkitAdvanced blueprint for mobile portrait mode deployment, also need to change:  project settings -> Android or iOS
  • Detection mode [EDetectionMode]: Template Matching Color – Fiducial markers (like Hiro or Knaji), or Matrix Code Detection for 2D Barcode Matrix markers


  • Webcam ResX [int]: Webcam horizontal resolution (640)
  • Webcam ResY [int]: Webcam vertical resolution (480)
  • First Run IOS [boolean]: True if the app runs at the first time on IOS devices. Required for camera permission handling.
  • Return Value [Boolean]: The value (true/false) that indicates whether the ARToolkit library and the webcamera initialized successfully or not.