Getting started (DEMO version)

1. Running the DEMO :

To try the sample project on Windows/OSX.

  1. Copy the ARSample (4.16, or  4.17, or 4.18) directory into your unreal project directory.
    Make sure to not have any special character in your project path!
  2. Open the project from Epic Launcher using Unreal Engine, and click on the play button in the editor.
  3. Print the markers located in PDF directory
  4. There are 4 markers here: Kanji , Hiro, Sample 1, Sample 2. (Print at least Hiro, to get started!)
    For NFT use pinball.jpg
    Make sure to print them in their original size, and there should be a white border around the marker.
  5. Connect your webcam, and press the play button inside the editor!
  6. Video stream should appear, move the markers (Hiro / Pinball.jpg) in front of the camera
  7. Default Unreal 3D demo chairs should appear on the screen.

More info about marker tracking can be found on the following link:


2.Sample Project

There are two main blueprints in the example project:

ARToolkitBase blueprint

  • Default webcam init (640×480 default resolution)
  • Initializes the video stream and creates a dynamic texture based on the baseFeed material
  • Loading markers (Marker list can be edited in the Markers and MarkersNFT enumerations –
    Content browser: Contents/ARToolkit/Blueprints/Markers , MarkersNFT
  • Cleaning up at the end.

Level blueprint

– Transformation of the “chairs” based on marker positions / rotations provided by GetMarker / GetMarkerNFT nodes

CubeHiro, CubeNFT

– Simple static mesh actors linked to markers – Feel free to change them!