Change logs

AR Plugin V2.3 – 2024-05-16

– Updated for Unreal Engine v5.4

AR Plugin V2.2 – 2023 -12-11

– Updated for Unreal Engine v5.3

AR Plugin V2.1 – 2023 -05-25

– Updated for Unreal Engine v5.2

AR Plugin V2.0 – 2022 -02-03

– Refactored, and updated for Unreal Engine v4.27
– Underlying ARToolkit framework updated to the latest ARToolkitX SDK
– The plugin uses render targets for marker detection and tracking
– Video image resolution can be downscaled for tracking, while the app can use full resolution video for presentation
– New camera controller blueprint, and UI has been added to handle webcam parameters, such as resolution / fps
– Camera input now using the native mediaplayer framework of Unreal Engine
– Video file can be also used for marker detection, and tracking
– The plugin uses the native android camera plugin to access camera image on Android
– Simplified workflow – turn any scene into an AR scene by changing only the game mode, and publish the same application for multiple platforms
– Simplified shadow catcher plane blueprint, just add it to your scene for high fidelity augmented shadows
– Virtual objects can cast real time shadows to the real environment
– New pawn, and player controller blueprints
– Simplified marker loading, no enumerations with marker names are required anymore
– Event based marker tracking and detection
– Cube marker support added
– IWYU support
– Runs on low end devices with no ARKit / ARCore support available
– Runs inside the editor, without the need of any handheld device
– Camera image material that adapts (scales/crops) to the size of the viewport. Any device aspect ratios can be used automatically.
– New object interaction blueprint (rotate, scale) using mouse or touch inputs
– Landscape / Portrait modes are both supported on handheld devices

AR Plugin V1.16 – 2021-01-25

– Fixed compiler issues with Unreal Engine v4.24.3 and VS2017

AR Plugin V1.16 – 2019-12-12

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.24
– Fixed missing 64bit

AR Plugin V1.15 – 2019-09-11

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.23
– Added support for Android 64 bit version (arm64-v8a)

AR Plugin V1.14 – 2019-04-03

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.22

AR Plugin V1.13 Revision 1 – 2018-11-25

– Fixed packaging problem caused by the outdated libjpeg.lib

AR Plugin V1.13 – 2018-11-13

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.21
– Runtime permissions for Android API level 23 and higher

AR Plugin V1.12 – 2018-07-23

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.20

AR Plugin V1.11 – 2018-03-22

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.19
– Added support for Android 8 OREO
– Added support for Visual Studio 2017
– Android camera bugfix
– Plugin compatibility fix
– Minor bugfixes

AR Plugin V1.10 – 2017-11-01

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.18
– Async loading of markers with updated UI and events.
– Fixed deprecated code warnings
– Fixed camera data and marker file path on IOS when launching from the editor

AR Plugin V1.9 – 2017-08-20

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.17
– Fixed deprecated code warnings

AR Plugin V1.8 – 2017-05-29

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.16

AR Plugin V1.7 – 2017-02-23

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.15
– Fixed project name for Android
– Fixed camera permission for iOS – NSCameraUsageDescription added to AdditionalPlistData
– Minor bugfixes

Note: Make sure to update your CodeWorks for Android to version 1R5

AR Plugin V1.6 – Revision 3 – 2016-11-21

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.14
– Removed libpng dependancy for Android

AR Plugin V1.6 – Revision 2 – 2016-09-12

– Fixed pink video glitch on android
– Updated camera texture updater function

AR Plugin V1.6 Revision 1 – 2016-09-08

– Fixed autofocus on android
– Fixed crash on some android phones

AR Plugin V1.6 2016-09-07

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.13
– Android camera access via APL api (no Unreal Engine source build required)
– Minor bugfixes

AR Plugin V1.5 Revision 1 – 2016-06-07

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.12
– Minor bugfixes

AR Plugin V1.5 – 2016-05-11

– Multiple NFT tracking (simultaneous)
– 2D barcode MATRIX markers 3×3 (0-63)
– Camera positions and rotations are exposed for each markers
– Primary marker, CameraRotation / CameraPosition nodes are no longer available. (instead use CameraRotation / CameraPosition properties of individual markers)
– Portrait mode for mobile devices (iOS – Landscape left, Portrait  / Android – Landscape, Portrait)
– New camera field of view adjustment blueprint for portrait mode.
– Updated video materials for portrait mode
– Works with Unreal Engine 4.10, and 4.11 (4.9 version is no longer supported)

AR Plugin V1.4 Revision 1 – 2016-04-05

– Updated for Unreal Engine v4.11

AR Plugin V1.4 – 2016-01-20

– UnpackData function added for Android builds (extracts data from obb to ue4game)
– Updated IOS path handling (IPA, lauch on device, shipping builds)
– IOS camera permission / first run fix
– Removed FOV / marker position hack
– Camera position/rotation can be acquired from markers, new camera position/rotation nodes
– Updated motorbike demo (camera position / rotation is calculated based on the marker)

AR Plugin V1.3 Revision 2 – 2015-12-30

– Fixed bug in AndroidJNI.cpp

AR Plugin V1.3 Revision 1 – 2015-12-17

– Simple demo project material fix
– jvm.lib dependency removed from plugin build file

AR Plugin V1.3 – 2015-12-13

– 4.9 and 4.10 versions are merged into one package
– ARToolkit include/lib files are included with the project for all platforms (compiles without downloading artoolkit libraries, setting environment variables)
– Updated unreal build configuration file to support both VS2013 (UEv4.9.2) and VS2015 (UEv4.10)
– NFT editor bug fixed (after several begin play – stop cycles NFT stopped working inside the editor)
– Camera settings from blueprint (enable PIN configuration checkbox on windows, only 4:3 image formats (320×240, 640×480, 960×720, etc. ) are supported)
– Device number input on camera initialization (select from multiple webcams by ID) – Windows only
– Pose filtering blueprint nodes for NFT/fiducial markers added
– Debug mode and new thresholding settings with corresponding blueprint nodes are added for better tracking of fiducial markers
– Updated error handling, many bugfixes

New DEMO project with 3D motor bike added (commercial/personal versions)

Key features:
– Object interaction (rotate, scale, texture selection) using mouse or touch input
– Virtual objects can cast real time shadows to the real environment
– Shadow / light direction settings
– Brand new camera image material that adapts (scales/crops) to the size of the viewport. Any device aspect ratios can be used automatically.

AR Plugin V1.2 – 2015-11-25

– Unreal Engine v4.10 compatibility
– Updated ARSample project files for v4.10
– Updated Unreal Engine v4.10 files for Android
– Pre-compilied ARToolKit v5.3.1 lib files for Visual Studio 2015
– Support for Visual Studio 2015
– SRGB set to 1 for media texture to fix washed out colours.
– Windows and OSX version are using absolute data path
– Splash screen on Android (UE v4.10 new feature)

AR Plugin V1.1 – 2015-11-20

– ARToolkit library updated to v5.3.1 (from v5.3)
– libKPM is fixed (bug is in the original ARToolKit 5.3 and 5.3.1.), now it is possible to detect multiple NFT pages
– ARSample project is updated with 2 NFT images to demonstrate new multipage NFT feature
– LoadMarker(NFT) node renamed to LoadMarkers(NFT) and updated to take an Array as input
– iOS version now uses ARVideo instead of AR2Video

AR Plugin V1.0 – 2015-11-16

– Initial release